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       Kensen Foods is big fan for frozen fruits and vegetables,almost every month we can meet our stars.
       Asparagus in April, Strawberry in May, Garlic in June, Bamboo in July.etc.
       Various color, Various taste, Various use.
       All are harvested in plant base, All are fresh frozen,all are welcomed by customers.
       Kensen Foods have 3 partner factories in China,BRC certificated, two located in north of China, focus on asparagus,garlic,pea pods,sugar snaps,strawberry etc. one located in south of China, focus on bamboo,black fungus, edamame,water chestnuts etc. 
       Kensen  Foods have 2 partner factories in EU, main products are frozen beans, green peas,sweet corn, mixed vegetables etc.
       If you have interest in frozen fruits and vegetables, welcome to our party!